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Basketball betting, basketball online, basketball is another popular sport. Today our soccersurfer website has information about the game if you are interest in betting.

Basketball is a competitive sport between two teams of five players, each team’s goal is to score points by throwing the ball into the opposing ufabet team’s basket.

Along with protecting the door loop of the side itself, not allowing the opposite side to throw it in.

In the hoop part (opposite goal including own side), the attacker scores a point by throwing a basketball into the opponent’s hoop. We have to protect the door of our side. and when the time for the competition is over The group with more points wins the game. The way of scoring will depend on the shooting range. which has been set but 1 2 3 points

How to Basketball betting to be rich

The author has seen a lot of betting formulas , trying to focus on playing basketball live online because it allows you to expect a lot of different game images , which to say that the real contribution is less than 20  percent . Just that. Why ca n’t Live  Play really make you money ?       It is because the reasons are as follows:

In playing basketball live , there is no formula that calculates fixed whether it is a multiplication , four , division , two formula or a number formula that requires thinking based on logic. Why is it necessary to say in this form ? because at the time of the live price valuation table , he thought. On these grounds it is true , but the price of basketball bounces every second , with times he is not as satisfied or attentive to the game style as you might think . 

because if the game image is use as an analysis. It means that you have used your betting feeling rather than principle. And the need to bring numerical thinking to compete with that computer It’s definitely not a good method. Because the price is release every second, fluctuations happen every second too. In a game of basketball, only the odds are taken. In some games, more than 50 prices are available, until you can figure out the middle value from a numerical formula. which does not guarantee results according to the formula It might be too late

2. Do not place bets, bet on online according to the current

Basketball is like football, with Superstars, with celebrities, with famous teams. which those teams all have fans both regular and special If you don’t bet for the love team You should not play basketball according to the popular trend. Did you know that over the past 10 years, the big teams that have overwhelmed all-star players such as the LALakers, Cleveland Cavalier, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, have recorded reigns? NBA more than half

Since the competition was organized These are teams with a winning record of less than 40 per cent, with some teams like the heyday Lakers led by Kobe Bryant having the lowest winning records in the Asian Handicap. With the main reason as a result of Basketball has very frequent matches.

In one season , each team will have a total of 82  head – to – head matches, including the 1-8  rankings of each line to come to the winner .   In order to compete in the crossovers in the finals known as the NBA Finals, having an athlete play 82 games over a period of approximately 6 months is beyond the scope of the human body. together down as appropriate to preserve the physical condition, reduce injuries, have some defeats, some wins alternately, so if you are popular to play basketball according to the trend It may bring the chance of losing more than 60 percent that has it all.

3. Statistics you should know Before placing bets, bet on basketball.

– Form of playing in the last 10 games in a similar period The
author has already mentioned that the form of play is the main factor for setting various prices , therefore, the form of play is one of the reasons why investors should will need to be studied , so this short form of play will show that How ready is the team in terms of players? and team play Including the confidence of the team during this time as well. To take it as a factor in the decision itself.